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Wise-dom Circle — February 25, 2016

Wise-dom Circle

Wise-dom Circle

Dear WISE Friends

As promised here we are with our first circle of WISE-dom gathering.

Why WISE-dom
Of late and as part of my ongoing research work, the more I explore, the more I feel the redundancy of Wise-dom traditions slowly disappearing from our daily life. The more we drift away from our own inner ‘wisedom’ the more empty a race we are becoming.
This is an effort to start a community collaborative of WISE women like yourselves, women who are empowering others, women who are braving the life and raising the bar up, women who want to really make a difference and bring about societal reform.
Wise-dom Circle is an action group which I have been dreaming of starting to bring together those women who are running their own organisations / enterprises but can do with more support (and advice) from other women. For only a woman can embrace another woman’s vision instinctively.

Bowl of Intention
Action Learning
Group Discussion

Please join us on Wednesday 24th Feb @ 6 PM.
And don’t forget to bring your ‘purpose’ with you and be a participation mystique in the Co-creation process.

My sincere thanks to Margaret Ali of Universal Peace Federation – UK for facilitating and providing us with a venue in the heart of London.

Facebook event page link:

Why traditional networking isn’t working for women — November 12, 2015

Why traditional networking isn’t working for women

From Goddess dance workshops to life-coaching, women connect best with each other when they focus on personal growth, not self-promotion

FullSizeRender (14)

In a new study released by Insead earlier this year, researchers found that women’s career advancement isn’t dependent on social connections in the same way it is for men. Women are more likely to be promoted given a proven track record of competence, inferred from their educational background or past achievements.

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WISE are at the AMA Careers Fair — November 10, 2015

WISE are at the AMA Careers Fair

Careers Fair        Wise Logo

At a time where University fees began to increase, many individuals found it hard to find work and many were being made redundant following the economic collapse of 2008, the AMA team took it upon themselves to try and assist members of the public through a period of uncertainty and turmoil. Initially created to act as a source of guidance for three main sectors: Jobs, Entrepreneurship and Education, the AMA Careers Fair has grown in the last few years to support people at all stages of their potential careers.

Come and visit our stand at AMA Careers Fair on Saturday 14th Nov 

Time Event
10:00 -11:00 Exhibitors arrival, set up and refreshments
11:00 Doors  Open
12:00 – 14:00  Lunch 
16:00 Careers Fair Closes

Directions to the Venue 
Baitul Futuh Mosque – 181 London Road Morden, Surrey SM4 5PT                Map

Parking is free at the Mosque; you will be directed to the dedicated car park upon arrival
Nearest Tube/Railway Station: Morden South Railway Station (Overground) Or Morden (Northern Line – last stop)

Tea/coffee and light refreshments will be available throughout the day.

We look forward to seeing you there.


Career Confidence Workshop — July 8, 2015

Career Confidence Workshop


So it happened as I return back from my trip to Pakistan, the first, of a series of workshops planned for my W.I.S.E group, took place at Croydon Park Hotel.

Thanks to Croydon Commitment & DMC for their support and for organising this very helpful workshop which was much appreciated by the ladies as well.

The three hours long workshop was structured in a way to take the ladies on a  journey methodically to explore their potentials and prepare them for job interviews.

The ‘Barriers’ session was really interesting and helped the ladies to delve deeper inside and see what is it that’s stopping them and why. As most of the ladies are migrant women from non-English speaking countries, language is the barrier for them to approach bigger companies even though most of them have professional degrees from their respective countries and have been working throughout their lives.

‘The Bridge’ session proved to be quite helpful for ladies to know how they can transfer their skills to local work place.

The workshop was very well attended.

Employability Confidence Building Workshop — June 24, 2015

Employability Confidence Building Workshop

INSIGHT: Career Confidence

July Workshop with Croydon Commitment & DMC


Venue: Croydon Park Hotel, 7 Altyre Road, Croydon CR9 5AA

(2 minutes from East Croydon station)

Date: Monday 6 July from 10am-1pm

9:45   Arrival and Coffee: Introductions and ice breaking session
10:00  Begin ‘How I Got Here’ – Pat to share her own career paths. Relevant points could include: – Where you start does not always reflect where you end up. – Getting to where we want is never easy. – We all can make mistakes; it’s what we learn from them.
‘First Impressions Brainstorm’ What makes a good first impression? Facilitator to discuss personal appearance, phone manner, and more wider considerations such as office/reception/public area tidiness
“Barriers” How do we address issues that could be seen as barriers by employers? Whether it be: – Lack of confidence – Poor work record – Troubled personal life (e.g. family conflict, bereavement, conviction.) How we improve our confidence?
‘Soft Skills’ (Interactive session) We often have more to bring to the table than we realise. Groups are to discuss the various “hidden” skills people don’t know that they have e.g. – raising children – budgeting at home– volunteering for charity or a place of worship
“The Bridge” Transferring these skills to the work place. Facilitator to show how the skills mentioned could be valuable in a work environment and how they could be written on a CV or expressed at interview. Followed by a talk on CVs.
Approaching an Employer What are the best ways to approach a business that we want to work for?
Interview Skills + Standing Out Sharing top tips of things to know before an interview and when preparing for an interview.
Review & Inform! A summary of the main learning points covered. Complete evaluation sheet
12:30/1pm Finish
We are W.I.S.E — June 22, 2015

We are W.I.S.E

WISE, or Women in SOCIETAL Enterprise, is especially created for women who are leading to INSPIRE and EMPOWER others. Today, women are powerful enough to initiate societal entrepreneurship while helping their fellow women to successfully achieve their corporate goals.

They say that birds of a feather flock together and that is why this organization is created by women for women. We understand the issues encountered by other women in the business-related topics as well as family and life as a whole. We have created an online hub where in women can find answers to all their problems which they face in everyday business.

WISE offers training to women on how to become self-reliant and self-sufficient with a focus on societal entrepreneurship.

It is essential to get some guide on how to run your business successfully and have great support from those who believe in your skills. WISE is the right place when you want to be equipped with the knowledge and skill needed in the entrepreneurial career.

We support teenage moms to get financial independence, female BME societies as well as female entrepreneurs. Our movement aims to help female species in the world get an efficient peer to peer training. We target to raise awareness in the societal entrepreneurship for women to be ready in whatever situation and overcome any challenge. We perfectly understand that you need genuine support such as ours.

WISE knows that an average woman has less disposable social, human and wealth capital compared to men. Our research shows that there is a strong need for an environment where in you can say what you want and share ideas, strengths and fragilities without competition with men as well as girly talks that is usually appearing on mainstream women networks.

We provide learning opportunities for every woman and get all the knowledge needed in the corporate world. Our organization will help you handle what really matters and what is important to you and your family. We also understand that women particularly tend to possess inadequate confidence when it comes to starting their own business. Oftentimes, women think that they don’t have the skills to perform the job in societal entrepreneurship and require support and lots of encouragement.

Because of this incompetency, WISE is available whenever you need some words of wisdom and motivation. Our team is consists of professional and friendly women who have remained strong amid the challenges faced hand in hand. We will eliminate your fear in accessing the business world with great support and helpful tips. We organize friendly events that are also unintimidating and open for all those who want to succeed.

At WISE, we want you to think big and explore more opportunities in order to see what really your craft is. Don’t worry, we will guide you in every step of the way especially in times of confusion and hopelessness. We naturally support other women since we often have that understanding of our own community. This is what pushed us to generate high-growth along with female entrepreneurs.


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